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Meet Brian


“I want people’s fitness journey to feel like joining a big family, where  everyone knows and supports each other.”

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

BK Total Fitness guides you through a full fitness transformation. The programs are arranged for all ages and stages of life. Here at BK Total Fitness you will find work out plans, nutritional guides, fitness classes, and a certified trainer and coach. Brian Wilkinson is dedicated to making you into a more confident you, with the ability to set and tackle all of your desired fitness goals.

BK Fitness is Family

Growing up, Brian was always big on having a family so he takes the same approach when it comes to fitness. He thinks of BK Total Fitness as a family business to benefit people from all walks of life.

Brian has a passion for helping people overcome obstacles and find the determination to feel better about their body. He takes the initiative to be accountable for his trainees and walks them through their body transformation journey.

Happy Children
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